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How do they break your jaw for surgery?

I am a 25 year old female. I will have jaw surgery next week. How do they break your jaw for surgery?

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There are several osteotomy designs. The jaw is carefully cut and realigned to ideal position. Search on google BSSO, IVRO, Lefort I Osteotomy
You would typically expect to have a pre-op appointment with your surgeon to get a full explanation of the procedure. The upper and lower jaw surgeries are 2 different types of surgery, but in general precise cuts in the bone allow for separation and movement to the correct position.
Excessive force.

Good for you for choosing to have your jaw corrected (orthognathic surgery)! This is not an easy surgery to recover from, but the results are usually great. There are a few different types of orthognathic surgery, but most of the time a drill is used to cut your jaw rather than try to break it in the way that is needed. No one is going to wack your jaw while you are asleep if that is what you are wondering. For the upper jaw it is simply just cut with a drill. For the lower jaw, it is cut with a drill and then split. These are the ways that the jaw is broken in the two make types of orthognathic surgery.
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William F. Scott IV, DMD
They do not "break" your jaw. Very fine saws are utilized to make precision cuts, in pre-determined sites.