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How do you clean under a dental bridge?

I am a 38 year old male. I want to know how do you clean under a dental bridge?

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Floss threaders or water flossers.
There are little brushes, like tooth picks, dental flosses and a variety of plastic cleaning devices. Ask your Dentist and Hygienist, they will show you how to do it, otherwise you will have cavities, infection in the gums and bad breath.
With a threader.
Great question. If this is a fixed (permanent) bridge, then you can use floss (real floss, not the ones on a stick), a waterpik type of device or "Soft Piks." The goal is to get around the crowns and under the replacement tooth (Pontic).
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Steven Chamish, DDS
There are a few ways to clean under a bridge:

1. Water pik
2. Floss threader with regular floss
3. Super floss (it is firm on one end to fit under the bridge and then
thick and fluffy on the other end to clean underneath)
4. Proxy brush

I hope this helps
There are floss threaders that are stiffer than floss and can pass under the bridge. Thread it underneath the bridge and pass the floss front to back a couple of times under the pontic. Then pull the floss back out.

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Jossi Stokes, DDS
Floss threaders plus water pic at 90 degree angle to teeth never point it up on upper arch teeth or down on lower arch teeth as can cause infection by forcing materials under gums.

To clean under a dental bridge, you need to get a crown and bridge flosser. You thread the regular string floss through a stiff loop on one end and then pass the stiff end under the bridge. Gently move the spongy part of the crown and bridge floss between the gum and the base of the bridge, use a back and forth motion to remove plaque under the false tooth. Then you
wrap the spongy floss around the real tooth and slide up and down to clean the tooth. There are other products that can be use to clean under a bridge, such as an inter-dental brush. Many of these products are over the counter in drug stores.
Get a waterpik
A bridge threader works like a needle threader. You thread the dental floss through the loop of the bridge threader and insert the tip between the bridge teeth and pull the floss through. Then proceed to floss each tooth and direct the floss under the false tooth from front to back. Drug stores may care bridge threaders or your dentist or hygienist can help you.

Cleaning under a bridge is usually done with floss threaders. They are little flexible plastic pieces that you can tie the floss to and slide under the bridge. Your dentist should give you a few. However, bridges made today are usually made with nice contact between the bridge and your gums so not much can get under the bridge. Maybe you want to see a dentist to evaluate the bridge.
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William F. Scott IV, DMD
We use a special floss called a floss threader. Water pick also can help.