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How do you deal with short term anxiety?

I am a 35 year old female. I want to know how can I deal with short term anxiety?

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There are numerous techniques to try when attempting to manage short-term anxiety. One can: take time to practice relaxation exercises (walking, yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, listening to calming music, etc.), limiting caffeine and alcohol intake, getting enough sleep and rest, eating well-balanced meals, learning what triggers your anxiety, getting involved in your community or organizations, talking to someone (your support system, a mental health professional, etc.).
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"Short term anxiety", as you indicate here, typically has specific triggers. Management or mitigation of stress, worries, and fear might be facilitated by fitness, better nutrition, and work-life balance. I typically encourage more self care such as avoiding processed foods and sugar, and caffeine, avoid alcohol, get outdoors for fitness, try yoga, and find positive diversion. Although we do not simply stop worrying as a habit of mind, we can "catch" ourselves in the act and make mindful adjustments to our thoughts, correcting those thoughts which perpetuate fear and/or fearful attachments, and creating more realistic and empowering thoughts as replacements.
I hope this message serves you well, addressing your question, and you find peace this week.


Dr. Martinez
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Anxiety is alleviated by working through it in therapy. There are some medications you can take, but it only put a small band-aid in it. You'll actually have to see a psychologist help you overcome this issue. Usually, this treatment is not too long if you keep up with the homeworks and are willing to look deep into your past issues.
Be well.
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