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How do you fix a dislocated foot?

I am a 37 year old male and I dislocated my foot. How do you fix a dislocated foot?

4 Answers

There are many types of dislocation that can occur in the foot so you would have to be more specific. Usually the dislocation if it occurs acutely or recently can be put back in place with manipulation of the foot. Sometimes pins or screws need to be inserted to stabilize the dislocation. This is determined by your surgeon.
If it’s an old dislocation then you may be able to live with the pain and discomfort but surgery is sometimes necessary if the pain becomes excessive
Usually by closed manipulation however screw or pin stabilization may be necessary as well.
Depends on what part of the foot you're talking about. For many dislocations, the joint can be placed back in position by manually pulling.
A dislocated foot can mean many different things so it’s difficult to give an answer. I would recommend seeking treatment with a foot and ankle specialist.