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How do you get rid of acne scars?

I am a 24 year old female and I have acne scars. How do you get rid of acne scars?

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You should see a board certified dermatologist. Seriously.
I use a combination "one-and-done" treatment that averages approximately 70% improvement in a single treatment. I have treated over 1000 patients with this treatment combination over the past 10 years.
Without photos are even better an in-person, up close examination that allows for manipulation and palpation of the scars, I can only answer in general terms. Most persons with acne scars have the full range of scars, including boxcar and rolling scars and ice pick scars. They may also have generalized acne-related facial atrophy, as well. Each of these problems requires its own individual treatment or combination of approaches. As any follower of my answers knows well, I have been cautioning against falling prey to the intense marketing hype (but unfortunately little hard science) that surrounds the use of so many of the fraxel lasers and radiofrequency devices currently out there. If there is indeed generalized facial atrophy, then a Field Subcision to reflate the area would be a logical first step. Following this, individual subcisions may be used to elevate and smooth the boxcar and rolling scars. Subcisions may be performed either alone or in combination with fillers, although I would not recommend permanent fillers, such as Bellafil, as these may give rise to difficult-to-treat bumps and lumps complications five, ten or even twenty years after their use. TCA CROSS can be used for the ice pick scars, and finally, if necessary, professional medical microneedling may be used to further help blend the color and texture of the treated areas with the surrounding normal skin. It is important to bear in mind that ALL of the treatments, with the notable exception of Field Subcision--even when chosen for the correct purposes--typically requires between two to four treatment sessions to achieve optimal results. To save money and time and needless disappointment, do your due diligence when evaluating the next, relatively expensive "bells and whistles" device you may be offered and stick to the relatively inexpensive, proven and effective techniques just described. Best of luck.
Acne scars can be very tricky at times to treat. Depending on the depth and type of scar options may include subcision with hyaluronic acid fillers below the scar, microneedling, laser ablation, lesional TCA peel, or a combination of the above.
Retinoids can help some with acne scars. Peels can also help, but the most effective treatment is laser.


Dermatology Staff of: Janet Vafaie, MD, FAAD
There are many ways to get rid of acne scars including, but not limited to: laser treatments, microneedling, chemical peels, and fillers. It is best to see a board certified dermatologist to discuss treatment options and the safety of these options based on your skin type.