Pediatric Neurological Surgeon Questions Speech and Language Problems in Children

How do you know your child has a speech disorder?

I think my 5 year old son has a speech disorder but I don't see other kids enough to compare. How do you know your child has a speech disorder?

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The best way to know if you child has a speech or language disorder is to get them evaluated by a speech-language pathologist.
Check with your pediatrician first, who may refer your child to speech therapist for further detail evaluation and treatment as needed.
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I recommend you take him to get an evaluation completed by a speech language pathologist. There are standardized tests that they can give your child that have been normed against thousands of children and the results can give you an objective answer.
If you have concerns regarding his speech I strongly suggest to talk to his pediatrician and request for a speech and language evaluation prescription.
He can be evaluated by speech therapist at school. Please ask for one at school.
By 5 years old most children can follow multi step directions, use appropriate grammar (ing, ed, pronouns, plural 's', etc), understand simple commands, produce sounds: /p, m, h, b, w, y, n, d, k, g, t, f, j/, use hundreds of words for vocabulary, answer 'wh' questions (who, what, when, where), understand basic concepts (in, on, under, etc), sequence events, and play cooperatively with others. If you have concerns with several of the following skills you could contact your local school district or pediatrician about questions and an evaluation.
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A typically developing 5 year old would usually be able to say the following sounds accurately: m, p, h, w, b, n, f, t, k, g, y, d, j, ch and sh. Now it should be noted that every child develops differently and there is a wide range of what is considered to be within normal limits, however in general, you should be hearing the above sounds in your son's speech. If you do not here these sounds, or they are substituted with other sounds (i.e. he says "tup" for "cup" or "gog" for "dog") then he may have a speech sound disorder. I would suggest talking to your pediatrician and/or seeing a speech language pathologist for a speech screening.
I would take them for a speech language evaluation if you are concerned about his speech. You could also try to set up a play date with friends who have kids his age.

Ali Matisse, MS CCC-SLP
At 5 years old, strangers should be able to understand all that he says.