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How do you manage pain while waiting for a root canal?

I am a 33 year old male and I will have a root canal. How do you manage pain while waiting for a root canal?

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Pain killer and AB
It depends if you are talking a week or a month. A week or a few days hold out you can mange easily with any ant inflammatory such as Mortin or Advil. If it is longer than that, you may need your doctor to prescribe an antibiotic until you can get started.
Alternating between Advil and Tylenol per instructions. If pain is higher, then an antibiotic is necessary to help before or during the procedure.
Ora-jel and Advil.
Typically, antibiotics and ibuprofen if patient can tolerate those medications. If that's not enough or an option, then an emergency pulpotomy can be performed.
This depends on several things. 1. How long must you wait for the endodontic root canal treatment? What is the exact diagnosis requiring the treatment plan of a root canal treatment? Do you have swelling associated with the problem tooth? How intense and constant is the pain? First recommendation is attempt to get to the root canal treatment ASAP. If must be put off, assuming no allergies, start with a combination of Ibuprofen and Tylenol, taken together. If swelling is increasing, go to dentist who treatment planned the case, or go to hospital ER for care. Swelling (infection) can become dangerous. Finally, if needed find another dentist or endodontist who may see you quickly.
If your dentist didn’t advise you on pain management, you should probably find a new one. My recommendation is: if you are Medically able to, take 800mg of ibuprofen every 8hrs. This will help with the inflammation and the pain. You can also alternate with Tylenol 1g every 6 hrs. If the infection is rampant, you may wanna consider calling the dentist to write you a prescription for an antibiotic. However we try to not give antibiotics as much as possible unless needed.
Firstly, find a dental office that does not make you wait for treatment when you are in pain. Otherwise, it depends on the diagnosis to indicate if pain medication, antibiotics or other forms of relief may help you. Good luck.
Motrin, clove, antibiotics.

Dr. Laurentis Barnett
Sorry to hear that you're having pain with your tooth now. It's good that you're scheduled for RCT. You may call your dentist to see if he/she can see you sooner or refer you to a specialist (endodontist) for immediate treatment. Most endodontists are very responsive and will take care of patient who's in severe pain right away. Otherwise, if the pain is not completely unbearable and you want to wait, then I would do the following:                   

1. Not chewing on the side of that tooth                 
2. Avoid foods that might trigger the pain such as cold, hard, sweet 
3. Alternate taking Ibuprofen and Tylenol 
4. Brush, floss, and rinse warm salt water after meals for the rest of the mouth. 
You want to minimize the bacteria count in your mouth as much as possible.
Hope that helps, and good luck to you!

It’s often to control the pain. Sometimes antibiotics and ibuprofen will help.

Good luck,

Dr. Charmaine Johnson
You can go to the Dr and they can open the tooth and put medication inside, that will help with pain. It's not a root canal, just to help with pain symptoms.
The most important thing to do while waiting for a root canal is to keep your teeth clean at ALL time. Brush, floss, and mouthwash are a-MUST. Better yet, please have your dentist prescribe you the proper pain management before and after the root canal treatment. Good luck!