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How do you prepare a 12 year old for the chiropractor?

I am taking my 12 year old to the chiropractor for the first time. How do I prepare her?

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For nervous patients, I remind them that the cracking sounds much louder than you think especially in the cervical region due to the location being so close to the ears.
Most importantly, find a chiropractor that is experienced and comfortable with children. The doctor and office staff should have a simple and calming explanation as to what will happen during her visit.
Just tell her to relax, the treatment is painless.
Tell him you’re taking him to a very nice person that’s going to help him feel better.
Tell her the truth about chiropractic. It is gentle, safe, and won't require any shots, needles, or anything scary like at the doctor that they're used to. Tell the chiropractor that your daughter is coming to get adjusted for the first time, and the doc should walk her through everything nice and easy. She will end up loving it!
Good luck!

The best way is that if you are a patient, then you can bring them in and see how a visit goes. This will also allow the Chiropractor to explain the procedure and ensure her that it is easy. Otherwise, you may be able to have an initial consultation with the Dr. as well.
Just present the child as you would to any doctor.
There really isnt anything you need to prepare. Just go with an open mind and ask questions if there is anything you dont understand. The doctor should explain everything before they do it and I know she will love it. So glad she is on the journey to health!
Tell her that she’s going to be well taken care of and that the doctor will do an exam to determine her exact issue and then treat her accordingly to give her relief, maybe use ice or heat, stretching, etc. good luck, she’ll do great and feel great after treatment.
I would let her know that during treatment the Doctor will be applying some pressure to different areas of her back and neck. Everything should be done to her comfort level and it should be a relaxing experience overall. She will not need to remove any clothes and will not have any invasive procedures done.