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How do you pull your own tooth out?

I am a 33 year old male. I wonder how can I pull my own tooth out?

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It is not advised to pull your own tooth! Bleeding issues may arise that only a dentist can control. Also, sometimes only part of the tooth is pulled and the root tip stays in the socket and we may think the whole tooth is out. There are serious risks involved with that such as infection and severe pain that follows.
Grab and tug, but why?
i do not recommend trying that.
I wouldn't try it without anesthetic. Two reasons: 1. the pain would be pretty intense, and 2. you could fracture off the roots and that would cause infection, and more serious pain
Not recommended. You could break off the tooth and any infection present would remain and worsen in the bone around the site.
You don’t . . . Go see a dentist. The amount of damage that you can create by attempting to pull out your own teeth would far outweigh any benefit that you derive from attempting to take it out on your own.
Try not to watch the movie Castaway, and go to a professional.
Since you are 33 years old, I presume that this is not a baby tooth you are talking about. Therefore, it would not be wise to attempt to extract your own tooth. Even a dentist would go to another dentist to have an extraction. There is a lot of truth to the phrase, "the doctor who treat himself has a fool for a patient". Call your dentist and let them do the extraction. Please!
Nice question. I would not recommend even trying to do that, yo can damage other teeth in your mouth and cause other problems. See the dentist for that
As a dental professional, I would recommend anyone pull their own infected tooth out. Infected tooth tend to have weaker structure, and is very easy to separate the root and the crown portion of the tooth. When the fractured root remains inside the bone, it can spread the infection to the neighboring tooth/bone. It will take more time and money to correct it. Think about this: Driving a car safely is easy for a trained/licensed driver, but you would not let an untrained driver to drive on any highway. It would be dangerous for that driver and the other drivers. Please visit your dentist for a definitive diagnosis and treatment. Good luck, hope you feel better soon.