Psychiatrist Questions Depression

How does depression affect confidence?

For the past year and a half, my confidence has been decreasing. I think that this could be because I'm depressed. Does depression often affect a person's confidence?

4 Answers

If this is so, are you getting treatment for your depression? If you’re not, then you should. Once your depression is in remission and you still have self-esteem and self-confidence issues, then you need to see a therapist to address this, and likely they are 2 separate entities. If your depression is in remission after treatment and you find you have gained your confidence back, then you have your answer - the depression caused your diminishing self-confidence.
When we get in a rut and negativity haunts us left and right we get depressed and then find reasons for it to keep happening. We need to fight for it and not give up the fight to change things for us
Yes, it does affect patients. It may make them feel worthless and hopeless. 
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