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How is autism diagnosed?

I think my 3 year old son has autism although I still want it officially diagnosed. He can't make sentences and doesn't have interest in potty training.

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Autism is typically diagnosed by collection of the child's developmental history per parent report, observations and completion of assessment procedures. Typically, a developmental pediatrician or a neurologist can provide a diagnosis.
I suggest you contact your son’s pediatrician and express your concerns. An official diagnosis is given by a neurologist. Therefore, to rule out or confirm your concerns request a neurological evaluation referral.
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There are two main options:
#1: contact your local school district for an evaluation (this is not a medical diagnosis but will be an avenue for support through the schools).
And/ Or
#2: find a clinic in your area or surrounding areas that specialize in autism evaluations and therapies. There you will receive a medical diagnosis if there is one. You can contact your pediatrician who should have this contact information.
I would seek out a Developmental Pediatrician Evaluation at your local hospital.

Ali Matisse, MS CCC-SLP
Poor social interaction and poor communication are the 2 key elements with autism. Some times there are repetitive movements poor eye contact and sensitivity to sounds. Try to get speech started early to give best chance of regular school