Geriatric Psychiatrist Questions Geriatric Depression

How is geriatric depression treated without antidepressants?

My grandmother was diagnosed with geriatric depression, and she doesn't want to take antidepressants for it. Are there ways to treat this without antidepressants?

2 Answers

Unless the symptoms appear to be in response to external events, medication would be indicated. External stress can be grappled with most effectively by talking about the stressors and finding better ways of coping with them.
Geriatric depression is serious and can be hard to treat. Age prevents most other modalities. The depression often comes with a gloomy and negative outlook that interferes with treatment. Usually a kind assertive insistence achieves results. For example some have to be reminded that compliance prevents admission for more stressful treatments, being away from home, etc. Form an alliance for her cooperation. Best of luck! This usually does it.