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How is hepatitis B caused?

I was diagnosed with hepatitis B, and according to my doctor, I've had it a while. I'm not sure how I even had gotten it, especially since I haven't had unprotected sex recently (at least not that I recall). What are some other causes of hepatitis B?

3 Answers

It’s either through blood products such as blood transfusions or through sexual activity.
It’s transmitted by body fluids; saliva is less likely unless you kissed somebody and both of you had sores in your mouth. Also any blood-to-blood contact. Cheer up, though, because we now have very good treatment. I would recommend a liver specialist even if there is a long wait.
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Hepatitis B can be spread through sexual contact, sharing injection needles, accidental needle sticks, blood transfusions, organ transplant or from mother to baby while giving birth.

Sadia Khan, MD