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For how long should I keep my child at home after chickenpox?

My daughter had a bout of chickenpox and is now recovering. How long should I keep her at home?

Is it okay if a healthy adult misses a flu vaccine?

This year I had an 8 month period where I didn't have health insurance and I missed my yearly flu shot. Is it okay to pick back up on it next year?

When is the earliest time per year a child should get their flu shot?

I know most people get them in the summer and early fall, but is there ever a time that's too early? Or what's the best time?

Had chickenpox as a young child

I'd like a medical opinion. Having chickenpox as a child I was isolated at home in a darker room for a few days. Is this to remove heat to the skin that one gets from exposure...

What can help?

Does running help get rid of chlamydia?

What should I do for recurrent pink eye?

I get pink eye at least twice a year. It's super frustrating and embarrassing. Is there something I can do about it so it never comes back?

If my daughter has a viral infection, why did the doctor prescribe antibiotics?

I read online that antibiotics are ideally prescribed for bacterial infection. However every time my daughter has a viral infection the doctor prescribes an antibiotic. Why?...

Can a shingles infection come on the buttocks and thighs?

I have an infection around my buttocks and thigh which looks like shingles. But I thought you could only get shingles on the upper body. Can shingles appear on the buttocks?...

How is meningitis treated?

My good friend has been diagnosed with meningitis and despite treatment, his condition is not getting better. What is the ideal course of treatment and how long does it take for...

My father's wound test detected E.coli bacteria. Is it fatal?

My dad had a minor fall that left a wound, the wound started to spread across the leg and, despite of medication, was not getting cured. We did a pus culture test that indicated...

Do natural remedies help in treating strep throat or do you need medicine?

I suspect that my son has strep. We are still going to the doctor, but can natural and home remedies work in treating this problem or is medication always necessary?

Can I take a chickenpox vaccine at 30 years of age?

I am 30 years old and a mother of a 4 year old. I have never got chicken pox but I am worried if my son gets it I will have the infection too. Should I get a vaccine as well?...

I am planning to travel to Africa for work in the next month. Do I need to get vaccinated?

I am planning on traveling to Africa in the coming month. Should I get vaccinated for any infections? If so, what am I required to get before I travel?

Is herpes an infectious disease?

My ex-husband has been diagnosed with herpes around his mouth. I've read that this disease can spread through skin to skin contact, and I saw him and my daughter share a glass...

Can mold exposure cause an ear infection?

My son has been affected by a severe ear infection. I later found some mold growth near my wall air conditioner unit. Could this have caused the infection?

My son has a bacterial eye infection. How long should it take to heal?

My son got a bacterial eye infection from school. He underwent treatment with drops. It has now been 2 weeks but he still feels irritation. How long will the bacterial infection...

My husband has a parasite eye infection. Is it contagious?

My husband has recently been diagnosed with a parasitic eye infection and is undergoing treatment. Do you think this infection could be contagious?

Lab work done 10/09/17 showed my Absolute Lymphocytes @ 5738. This is not the first time they were high. I had one @ 5400 months before October. My...

I have had several Corticosteroid Lumbar injections, Kidney Infections, H Pylori & C-Dif prir years October 25,17 I had Surgery Lumbar FUSION.

Can frequent pink eye infections be harmful?

Every time someone in her school has pink eye, my daughter ends up with the infection. She actually gets pink eye quite frequently, is there any way this would cause harm to her...

Is there a way to prevent the hand foot mouth disease spreading in children?

My daughter goes to preschool, and some children have been infected by the HFM disease. Is there a way to prevent this disease from spreading in children?

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