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Mintezol for pinworms?

Hi, I had pinworms for the past 2 years. I used all the drugs available and so far nothing has worked to get rid of the worms completely. I was told the only drugs that really...

Do I need a tetanus shot if I have gotten hurt by a piece of glass?

I had a piece of glass prick the palm of my hand. Though I got the piece out, I would like to know if I need a tetanus shot to prevent any infections.

Is there any vaccination for swine flu?

There have been a few cases of swine flu in my area. Is there any vaccination that I can give my son to prevent him from getting it?

Is there a cure for HIV?

My brother in law has been diagnosed with HIV. Is there a cure for this, or a long-term treatment?

When is the best time to get a flu shot?

I want to get a flu vaccine to avoid it at all costs. When is the best time to get the flu shot?

Is the zika virus infectious?

Is the Zika virus infection an airborne infection or does it only spread due to a mosquito bite? And also, if I'm planning to be pregnant this year, should I stay away from the...

How do I treat ringworm?

I've been suffering from ringworm for the past year. I've taken treatment from my local doctor, and for some time, the infection was controlled. After some time, however, the...

My daughter has a persistant fever. What should I do?

My daughter has been having persisting fevers. She was tested for some infectious diseases and malaria but they are negative. When should the next test be?

Does dengue virus spread from one person to another?

Can dengue spread from one person to another? Is there a way from preventing the spread of the disease?

My daughter has pus filed boils around her leg. What could be causing them?

My 8 year old daughter has pus filled boils around her leg. We have shown it to the doctor and he's not sure of the origin. What type of things could cause this?

What is the treatment for sepsis?

My nephew is 3 years old and has been admitted in the hospital they actually found sepsis in his blood. I always thought this infection to be a hospital acquired infection, but...

Does a cold sore mean herpes?

My daughter has a cold sore on her mouth, and I heard that this is a sign of herpes. I've never had one before, but my husband's side of the family gets them a lot as well. Can...

Low grade fever for long time

One of my aunt's is suffering form low grade fever for a long time (around 30 days ). When the medication is going on, there is no sign of fever but when the medication is stopped...

Is dengue fever contagious?

There have been 2 cases of dengue fever diagnosed in my community. Is it contagious? How is it treated?

How can I quickly recover from typhoid?

I was diagnosed with typhoid about 2 weeks ago but i am still having a fever, headaches and feeling tired after antibiotics. Is there any way to feel better faster?

What precautions should pathologist take when dealing with samples of contagious diseases?

I am going to be pathologist and I will have to deal with samples of contagious diseases. What precautions should I take?

Is it mumps?

My son (8 years old) suffers from swelling in his cheeks and it's hurting him a lot. He also has a fever at night. Can this be mumps? I attached a photo for you to look...

What does the chicken pox really look like, and how contagious is it?

I believe my son has the chicken pox, mainly because I see little red spots around his stomach and I know his friend has had it. What does this typically look like? And what...

What are the symptoms of a staph infection?

My husband was recently in the hospital, and since getting home he has been extremely sick and has blisters. Could this be a staph infection? Should he be brought back to the...


Can this disease be cured even during the late stages?

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