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I'm living with someone who tested positive for the virus?

I'm living with a person who tested positive for the virus. Is it possible for the person living with that person not to get the virus? I have no symptoms.

Terrible sore throat post covid?

On April 23rd I began to get a sore throat, I tested positive for covid shortly after. Today is May 11, and most of my symptoms are gone. I have a little bit of congestion left...

How long is COVID contagious in a person with infection?

So a friend of mine recently tested positive for COVID. He finished his 5-day quarantine and is still showing symptoms however, he's planning to hang out with me in an indoor...

Covid test?

Would this be considered positive?

Does this look like a staph infection?

My boyfriend has a rash and it looks like a staph infection just tell me what it is?

Muscle pain and stiffness after puncture wound?

About 2 to 3 months ago I stepped on an industrial-sized staple made for furniture. The staple went all the way into my foot until it was flush with my foot. One prong went about...

Typhoid diagnosis?

I was diagnosed with typhoid at the start of the 2nd of March. It's the end of March now. How long before I can have a beer?

I have what looks like a bite on my leg with fluid leaking from it?

I have what looks like a bite above my right ankle. It is a bite around the center and has a clear fluid that comes from the center. If I have socks on it becomes wet. Some...

Do I need a vaccine or is natural immunity enough to travel?

I had covid in January 2022. Do I need a vaccine or is natural immunity enough to travel? I want to visit my grandson but my son says I need to be vaccinated before I can visit....

Long term Covid causing low BP?

About 2 weeks after the positive covid test (12/27) my BP dropped significantly. The neurologist and nephrologist diagnosed long term Covid. They prescribed midodrine (10mg 3x...

HIV blood work?

Hi, I have a question regarding an HIV test. I took one in December and it came back negative. I just had blood work done in February and the doctor said I was very anemic....

Can a person's body fight off hepatitis c?

I was just wondering if a person's body can fight off hepatitis c?

About HIV transmission?

I was washing my hands at my college washroom. Then only I noticed there is a cotton ball with bloodstains on it. Some water from the tap fell on it and splashed over me. Will...

Can Hypolri be caused by tick bites?

I want to know can Hypolri be caused by tick bites?

Herpes transmission?

I shared a vape with someone who has genital herpes will I get it?

Covid vaccine after having Covid?

I am a male who had his 2 vaccines. I also have 2 boys aged 11 and 5. All 3 of us had covid starting 2 weeks ago but are now recovered and symptom-free. When can I get my booster...

HIV result?

If the HIV result is in the 8. 54 range, does that mean one is HIV positive?

HPV diagnosis?

I had a positive high-risk HPV diagnosis on July 24, 2021.

Contagious stage of Covid?

I have been fever-free for twelve days but still am testing positive for covid or variant, am I still contagious? How long can it take to get a negative test, I have skin cancer...

Should I visit urgent care if I have COVID infection?

I was diagnosed with a COVID infection. Should I visit urgent care if I have COVID infection?

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