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How long after a root canal can I get braces?

I am a 32 year old male. I want to know how long after a root canal can I get braces?

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Depending on the size of infection, the time frames ranges from several weeks to several months after the root canal before one can get braces. It is important to speak with one's doctors regarding their specific case to determine how long after a root canal one may begin orthodontic treatment.
Once the tooth is not symptomatic (no more pain) and it is restored, there is no specific wait time to start orthodontics (braces) as long as the tooth is in good condition.
Once the bone has healed and inflammation is gone. Your endodontist can advise you.
It takes about 3-6 months for a Root Canal to completely healed so anytime after 6 months.
Usually if your tooth has proper structure your dentist could start your braces as soon as root canal complications go away usually I recommend 3-4 weeks
Immediately. The longer you wait to get braces after a root canal the higher chance that that particular tooth can become ankylosed.
This would be situational. To be prudent, I would consult with the doctor who did the root canal. If, there was a large infection associated with the tooth it would probably be best to wait 3 to 6 months in my opinion.
There is no specific time needed. If you're in pain, you may want to wait 2-3 weeks before you start braces.
The root canal procedure would have nothing to do with the bio mechanics of tooth movement, unless there were a large area of bone destruction (infection) at the root tip which you would want to heal first. A post-op X-ray would show healing so as soon as verified and you are comfortable and asymptomatic with the treated tooth, begin your orthodontic treatment. I am glad you decided on root canal treatment rather than removal of the tooth, but how soon depends on the severity of the infection, it could be OK right away or need 6-8 weeks for bone healing. Whoever did your root canal will give you the best answer.

Dr. Harrison
I would perhaps wait a month after I get a permanent crown on a tooth that received a root canal therapy, before I get a crown.
If you do have any infection under the tooth inside the bone, you can start right away. Just make sure your root canal treated tooth is restored permanently before orthodontic treatment though.
You can get braces any time a root canal if the tooth already has a crown. If the tooth needs a crown after getting the root canal, you should wait until after you get the crown to start braces.