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How long after a root canal can I eat?

I'm going to have my first root canal at the end of the week, and I'm nervous about it, to say the least. How long after the procedure would I be able to eat?

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You can eat after the numbness goes away
You can eat right away as long as you are careful not to bite yourself in the area where you are numb. It is easier to eat three hours later after the numbness has dissipated.
It is advisable to eat after numbness wears off. You should not be chewing on the tooth for two weeks. Eat on your other side.

Dr. Stella Carollo
You can eat immediately after treatment. However, you have to be careful not to bite your lip, tongue, cheek, etc., if you are still numb. Also, some temporary cements take a bit longer to set up. Certainly have to be careful not to burn yourself where you are numb. Most people don't think about that, and wouldn't notice some areas of the mouth, like the roof of your
mouth, until you do burn it with pizza. No hard foods (nuts, unpopped popcorn kernels, crust from French bread, stale bagels, hard pretzels, etc.), or you could crack the tooth.
Good luck.
Usually, it is safe to eat after 30 minutes as long as you avoid gun or crunchy or hard foods like chips or carrots. Obviously you should wait to chew until you can feel your tongue or cheek to avoid biting them and having soreness when everything wakes up.

It is best to wait until the numbing has subsided before chewing. However, it would be normal to expect that your tooth is uncomfortable to chew for the first few days.
You can eat after the local anesthetic wears off.

Brett E. Gilbert, D.D.S.

Some root canals are completed in one day, while others may need a few appointments. You’ll be able to eat, although slightly sore around the tooth and gums.
Once your numbness wears off you can eat.
When it no longer hurts you! Then you are doing it well.
You can usually eat the same day of your root canal, but you should wait until all the anesthetic has worn off. However, it is a good idea to avoid chewing directly on the tooth which had the root canal for at least a few days, as it is normal for it to be a little tender or sore. This should eventually go away. If the tooth needs a crown after the root canal, be careful not to chew on anything hard until you get the crown, or else there is a risk that the tooth could crack.
Yoiu may need to avoid eating on that tooth until it is properly restored. Ask your dentist about that.