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How long after wisdom tooth removal should I not eat?

I am a 28 year old male who will have a wisdom tooth extraction next week. How long after wisdom tooth removal should I not eat?

6 Answers

Eat a soft diet, and drink plenty of fluids a couple hours after, when your numbness goes away.
Do not eat until the numbness wears off. Use common sense and do not chew in that area. Start with soft foods or a shake. You can eat as long as it is not hurting. If it hurts, then you are eating too vigorously in that area.

Alan B. Steiner, DMD


After the extraction, you will be sore and should stay on a soft food diet for a day or two. You can eat what you are able to, but rinse with warm salt water to keep the extraction area clean.
You should eat as quickly as you are able to, although with a soft diet at first for about a week. You should wait to have solid foods until after you have had your stitches removed and your dentist has cleared you to do so. Rest and nourishment will be your best friends in those critical first few days.
This would depend on the type of extraction.  Some wisdom teeth are impacted and some may be simple extractions.  Your best option would be to ask the dentist.  Also, after most procedures like this the dentist will discuss this and hand you post operative instructions to take home.
You will not want to eat about 1-2 hours after the procedure. You will still be numb in the area and will need some time for the initially healing to begin and acute pain to subside.