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After an accident how long will it take for my body to regain its original strength?

I had an accident that I really got hurt in. I didn't break anything, but I did hurt my back. While I'm slowly recovering, I feel comfortable enough to start working out. How long will it take for my body to regain its original strength back?

2 Answers

That depends on many things, including but not limited to, your previous and current health and the type of injury you sustained. It's best to schedule an evaluation with a physical therapist in order to begin with the safest exercise routine and to have pain relief modalities performed that speed healing. Typically patients see results after 2-4 weeks.
There are many factors that play into a question like this. You should get evaluated by a physical therapist to determine the course of treatment for your specific situation. When I am able to determine the source of the limitations, then it doesn't take very long to see incremental improvement. But, the length of time since the original injury plays a large part into the length of time that is required with skilled guidance of a physical therapist.
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