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How long do immediate dentures last?

I am a 55 year old male. I want to know how long do immediate dentures last?

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12 months
Immediate dentures can almost always require a "hard reline" after a few months when the gums have undergone the majority of the shrinking that is to be expected. This is a procedure done in a dental office.

Immediate dentures have the same life span as a non-immediate denture.

Normally, if they are made well, they can last over a year and longer. If your end result is to have an implant supported denture, it will easily last until your implants are ready to be loaded.
Immediate Dentures are fabricated on a model taken with your remaining teeth in place. They are only fabricated for short time use until impressions for a Definative Denture or implants can be taken. This may be up to a year however I have had patients use Immediates for years when needed.
Typically, they can last for a few years, as along as you keep them clean.

Immediate dentures last indefinitely; however, the goal is around 6 months. There are a few things everyone considering immediate dentures should know. First, they are more then likely not going to fit when placed immediately. The reason for this is because after extractions there tends to be some swelling which wont let the dentures stay in. This swelling normally subsides after a few days. Secondly, they will have an estimated fit. When an immediate denture is made, the lab has to estimate where your jaw bone and gum tissues are going to be after the extractions. This is usually done pretty well; however, once the teeth are out, the jaw bone starts shrinking and the gums recede. This leaves the denture with a loose feel. After a couple months, you may have the denture relined to get rid of the loose fit; however you will develop the looseness again. This is when a more definitive denture is made because it is believed that the receding has minimized.
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