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How long do white fillings last?

I am a 24 year old female and I had a filling last year. How long do white fillings last?

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It can vary widely from person to person. Generally the bigger a filling is, the less the longevity. The location also affects the longevity. Back teeth tend to get a lot more use as they do the heavy chewing so the fillings tend to not last as long.
5 years
Older composite fillings have a tendency to stain. This is related to the patient's diet and habits. If the patient is a heavy smoker, coffee or ta drinker the filling will start to stain. After a year or so, they may seem to darken. In many cases, the color can be restored by the dentist by polishing the stained tooth. This extends the life of the filling for many years. The newer filling materials do hold their color stability longer.
Fillings should last a long time as long as they were filled properly and as long as all the decay was removed.
White fillings which are called composite fillings if they’re done properly and the key is removed and they bonded properly should last for many years most well last easily 10 years

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It can last a very long time.

The longevity of tooth colored fillings varies depending on a few factors (how big the filling is, how many walls of the tooth the filling covers, the specific tooth that the filling is going in, and then there are people specific variables). That being said, tooth colored fillings usually have an average of 15 years. Insurance companies will usually pay to redo a filling every 2 years. Hope this helps.

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