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How long does a dental CT scan take?

I am a 32 year old female. I want to know how long does a dental CT scan take?

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1 minute.
To actually take a scan is a couple of minutes at the most. The true wait is for the report or for the dentist to interpret the scan and create a plan.
In referencing "dental ct", I believe you would probably be referring to a dental CBCT (cone beam computed tomography). The dental cbct only takes usually 7-30 seconds. This is done in dental offices equipped with the newer CBCT units and is much quicker than a CT, which is usually done at an imaging center.
The cone beam technology currently in use can give you the image in 5 minutes and takes about another 5 minutes to get the patient ready for it (i.e. remove jewelry and place cotton rolls along the soft tissue for retraction). The size of the image can be customized for as few as three teeth or as large as to assess airway size, sinus condition, jaw abnormalities and the presence of carotid calcifications.
A CT scan takes just a few minutes.
In my office the process of taking a CT scan using an Icat machine takes less than 10 minutes. The actual scan with my machine takes only 24 seconds.
Dental CT scans are quick - can take as much time as getting a regular panoramic radiograph. Typically completed within a minute or less.