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How long does a pinched nerve in the neck last?

I am a 42 year old male. I want to know how long does a pinched nerve in the neck last?

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Until you relieve the nerve from whatever it is touching and decrease tension off the nerve. Actually pinching a spinal nerve is rare (very loose term now-a-days), so I would suggest to see your local health professional.
That is a great question. Everyone will heal at a different pace. Some patients might get better right away with the right care, some might get worse before they get better and some just get better gradually. With the proper care most patients start to feel pain relief within the first ten to twelve visits over a few weeks. If not treated it will probably take a lot longer since the underlying cause of the pain is not being addressed.
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A pinched nerve is really a medical diagnosis that does not mean much clinically. Meaning, you can have nerve irritation and have neck pain alone or you can have radiating pain into the arm. A chiropractic analysis is geared to determine what’s causing irritation to the nerve and to correct it rather than just dead in the nerve so you do not have pain. It is very difficult to answer how long it will take without knowing what’s causing irritation to the nerve.
That is a tough one. Some will be for a day or two, and some can continue to cause problems for weeks. My rule of thumb is that if it is not improving over two days, it's best to have it checked in the office.

Trent Stromme, D.C.
How long has the problem existed? If it just happened recently (acute), or it's been there for a long time (chronic). The longer the pinched nerve has existed, the longer the muscles have adapted to being weak or out of shape, the longer it may take to rehabilitate. #2. The patient's stress can affect the tightness of the muscles. Ever notice the more stress we are under, our shoulders start getting pulled up towards our ears? No reason other than stress affecting our muscles and how tight they may be unless we do something to relax the stress. Yoga, meditation and chiropractic care can help and Chiropractic care can get your neck back in shape, getting rid of the pinched nerve. In many cases, the chiropractor will do an examination and a treatment to see how the patient would respond from it. After a couple treatments, the chiropractor can see how the patient is coming along and will then come up with a schedule and what they think would be needed to take care of the person's pinched nerve in their neck, which can also cause things like neck pain, headaches, shoulder/arm/hand/finger pain and numbness, and an assortment of other symptoms that you may never expect happening from a pinched nerve in the neck. Great question and a very involved question, I'm trying to make it as short as possible, but all in all, it can take anywhere from 1 visit to 6 months, depending on how willing the patient is to work with the doctor and do what the patient has to do to help the problem out. After a couple visits, the Chiropractor will let the patient know how long they feel it will take to take care of your problem.
For the rest of your life unless you get it fixed. And fix the reasons that you got it. Want to talk to be about it, here is a link

If you prefer to see a chiropractor near you check out these sites CCa 
P.S. Good luck with that. If you don't take care of the problem it can lead to nerve damage, that could affect the use of your arm and hand or internal organs and glands. 
A “pinched nerve” is a general term people use which could be caused by nerve entrapment any where from its origin in the spine to its endpoint. How long it takes to heal depends upon where it is entrapped, what is causing the entrapment, and how long it has been entrapped. If it is being compressed by a muscle in the neck or shoulder or it is being pressed on because of facet joints out of place, then a massage or spinal manipulation will likely relieve the pain-within minutes or hours if the condition is acute. If a disc herniation is the cause, then it will take much longer because disc that presses on the nerve will take much longer to correct.
A pinched nerve lasts for as long as the nerve remains compressed and irritated. Depending on the true cause, getting a spinal alignment can relieve the issue in as little as one treatment; however, some causes require several and/or different treatments.
If you think you have a pinched nerve, you should get it checked. A good history and proper exam can help the chiropractor or other health care professional determine if you truly have a pinched nerve or if it's joint dysfunction or muscle spasm. The amount of time that it takes to get better depends on the severity of the problem and the type and frequency of treatment involved.
A pinched nerve in the neck may last years if not properly treated.
That’s something that could last a lifetime unless you get it corrected by your chiropractor.
I don't like using the term "pinched nerve". Pain does not mean the nerve is "pinched". If the nerve is actually "pinch" it is a possible surgical case. Even if the nerve is in a position where it appears to be trapped on an MRI or CAT doesn't mean it is "pinched". The condition needs to be assessed on how the nerve is functioning. Pain is not the best criteria for assenting function
However, nerves are aggravated many times and may be associated with a lot of pain and yet respond quickly to Chiropractic treatment.