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How long does a root canal take?

I am a 26 year old female. I will have a root canal next week for two teeth. How long does a root canal take?

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The time a root canal takes depends on the difficulty of the tooth and the skill of the provider. The average time is somewhere between 45 minutes to 1 hour, however some difficult root canals may take several appointments, each longer than and hour.
About 45 minutes to + hour

Usually about an hour.
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Depends on which teeth, how many roots are being done, the shape of the root, what type of anesthesia is needed, your medical history, if you had any caffeine before your treatment, and why the Root Canal treatment needs to be done. On Average 1-2 hours…..but as I said it all depends.

Jim Kline
Root canal treatment should take as long as necessary to do it right. Depending on the tooth, number of roots and canals, extent of the infection, general anatomy (curved, twisted, straight), if the canals appear open or calcified (totally obliterated/blocked out), 1st root canal or a retreatment of a failed root canal....the list goes on. Sometimes it can be done in one visit and sometimes multiple visits. As I say, do it right the first time so you don't have to do it over. 25% (roughly) of my practice I am retreating someone else's work...and I am asked "doc, why does it take 4 visits to redo the root canal? The guy who did it the first time was done in 1/2 an hour." Never time to do it right the first time, so you have to do it over. I would be glad to tell you how many visits it took to treat once we are done, but sadly, I cannot say how many it will take. Your endodontist can deal with more complicated cases easier than a non-specialist and so they should be done quicker...unless they see complications and issues that would be missed by a non-specialist and will take their time to treat it correctly.
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The amount of time a root canal takes depends on a lot of factors, including type of tooth being worked on, the type of root canal you are having, and if any secondary procedures are needed as part of the root canal. Generally speaking, if the root canal is being done by an endodontist, it usually takes between 30-75 minutes per tooth.
Sorry to hear about your root canal. Root canals can vary in length depending on whether you see a specialist or general dentist, and what tooth it is, and what was the condition that dictated a root canal needs to be done. That being said, most root canals take about an hour; and some require you to go back for another 30 minute visit.
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Depending on the tooth that needs a root canal and the complexity of the roots, a single root canal can range from 1-2 hours.