Dentist Questions Dry Socket

How long does it take for a dry socket to heal?

I went to the dentist for a dry socket yesterday, but I found out it's not from an infection and it's, instead, from my recent extraction. He didn't give me any antibiotics and I chose to manage it at home by drinking water, rinsing my mouth with salt water, and taking OTC pain meds. How long does a dry socket take to heal?

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Dry sockets from a dental extraction sometimes happen. After a tooth is removed, a blood clot forms in the extraction site. One theory is if the "cloth" is lost, a dry socket can occur. Dry sockets can be painful. Doctors have different ways of treating them. You were given instructions on what to do and what you shouldn't do after an extraction. Smoking is one major factor. Sipping out of a straw or can of liquid is another. Rinsing your mouth frequently with warm salt water is helpful. Your doctor may have wanted to place a medicated dressing. If you are still having problems, you may want to go back to your doctor. We are all human. We like to think we know which way is best for us. If what you are doing is not working, by all means, try a different approach. THAT'S how we learn. All doctors have different treatment methods. You selected this doctor; if your way isn't working, please go back.
Usually, I prefer to prescribe antibiotics with irrigation of a dry socket, 1-2 weeks.
It will take at least 3 days with antibiotic for extraction site to stop hurting. Total healing of the site is around 3-4 weeks.

Monika Tyszkowski, DDS
There is a treatment for dry socket which is required for proper healing. Antibiotics may also be needed. The dentist who did the extraction should be treating you for that.
It is variable, depending on the real problem.
Very often, medication can be packed where the tooth was removed. It is essentially a bandage with medication that is packed into the socket. You are waiting for an area of exposed bone to start to heal. Often, this will take about a week before you have a good amount of relief. If you rinse too hard, you may tend to aggravate the area. Be gentle.
Go back to the oral surgeon and they will “pack” it with a medicated gauze and the pain will go away almost immediately.
It can take up to 2 weeks to heal, but each case is different.
Typically the dentist will place a medication into the socket, which definitely provides some relief. It takes over a week. You may want to check back with the dentist or surgeon on Monday. Dry socket is NOT treated with antibiotics.
Once you have a dry socket it usually takes about 2 weeks to heal. It should be looked at by a Dentist to confirm that it is a dry socket. The dentist could also medicate the area to lessen the discomfort while it is healing.
Dry sockets occur when the “clot” comes out of a recent extraction. This may take two weeks to heal. May require packing. See your dentist that removes your tooth. It is a normal side effect. Over the counter pain medication may also help relieve discomfort.
There is an item called Dry Sicket Paste that dentists can place into the dry socket to obtains trecrxposed nerves and reduce the pain while the site heals and closes
Dry socket is complication after extraction. You need to see an oral surgeon. They will evaluate your socket and try to promote healing.