Dentist Questions Dry Socket

How long does a dry socket last with medication?

I have a dry socket from my tooth extraction, and my dentist used a medicated paste to help heal it. How long will it last with medication?

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Dry socket is another name for incomplete healing following tooth extraction. The dry socket can last from 1-2 weeks depending upon the individual. Usually the paste medication is changed every other day or so until healing is far enough along to no longer require the medication in order to keep the patient comfortable. Every individual patient is unique in that the healing process can take different times for different people. Keep having the paste replaced until your dentist informs you that it is no longer necessary.
That varies from person to person. It depends on your health(a cold) to smoking habits, etc. Usually it can take a week or so for it to begin healing.
Usually the relief is immediate after the medication is place in the socket. It will need to be changed for several days and then the healing can progress on its own. Good luck!
2 days to about a week at most.
Typically, the medication and packing will last for 3-5 days depending upon the extent of the dry socket. So, it will be necessary for you to return to your dentist every 3-5 days until the socket is no longer symptomatic.

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Dr. Rankin
If you have a dry socket, the paste or packing should relieve the pain quickly. If it does not or if the pain went away and is coming back it may need to be packed again. There also could be an infection present if the pain did not resolve with the paste. If you are still hurting you should return to your dentist.

Dr. Brandon Nicholson, D.D.S.
Everybody has a different healing period. You should have it checked by your dentist in one week if it is still symptomatic, and make sure you do not smoke.