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How long does it take to get braces?

I am a 19 year old male. I will have braces put on next week. How long does it take to get braces?

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You mean how long does it take for the first band and bond appt. it’s usually a longer appt, perhaps 1 to 1 1/2 hours but it depends. It could be under an hour if everything is very smooth.
You already know your appointment time. Usually it takes less than 2 hours to get everything done with instructions. We need at least one hour to place braces, but whatever, it is an easy appointment for all patients and nothing to worry about the night before. Relax and enjoy the procedure, better than any other kind of dentistry.
The appointment for placing braces and the length of treatment depends on the severity and complexity of your case. Best to talk to the dentist or orthodontist rendering treatment for the exact time frame.
Hello! That's exciting news. The process of having braces put on normally takes about an hour, each case is different though. The actual correction of misaligned teeth through braces can take anywhere from 6months to 3years depending on your specific case type.

Good luck! Dr. Reid
An hour to 1.5 hours is normal for the whole process that includes records, instructions, and placement of the equipment.