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How long does it take to get dentures after teeth are pulled?

I am a 63 year old female and I will get dentures. How long does it take to get dentures after teeth are pulled?

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It depends on how fast you heal. Most healing is completed enough to make an impression for a denture 4-6 weeks after extractions. It can take longer if your healing is delayed.
You should wait 6 to 8 weeks for healing
That depends on each body of healing. You want the bone and tissue to heal which generally takes about 8-12 weeks to start the denture fabrication process.
However, you can talk to your provider about also doing what are called “immediate dentures” which can be inserted the day of your front teeth extractions. Immediate dentures are not a long term solution however as the denture does not change shape but the tissue/bone changes shape over the course of healing.
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You can request “immediate dentures” which are fitted at the same appointment that the teeth are extracted on.
Hey, there are 2 different ways to go about getting dentures after your teeth are extracted. Option one is to get them pulled and wait for about 6-8 weeks for the areas of the extractions to heal, then have the dentures made. Most people dont want to wait that long, so there are immediate dentures. Immediate dentures are made before you get all your teeth out. Then at the extraction appointment, the dentures are put in right after the teeth have been taken out. This gives you teeth immediately!

After extracting (removing) teeth, the jaw bone and gum tissues change shape and size because they are no longer supporting a tooth. This process takes several weeks to finish and because of it there are two different approaches to plan for a denture after an extraction. The first approach is straight forward. Extract the teeth that are being replaced and wait a few weeks for the shape change in the gums to happen. Then you start the denture making process. This way is usually better if only the back teeth are being replaced as the person has to walk around without teeth for several weeks.
The second approach is to start making the denture before the teeth are extracted and have it ready for the day they are extracted. This is called an immediate denture as you are putting the denture in immediately after the teeth are extracted. This is usually preferred when front teeth are being removed so that way the person is not walking around for several weeks without front teeth. The cons to having an immediate denture is that it does not usually fit when in the beginning because of swelling from the extractions (even more so with more teeth being extracted) as well as having to make another dentures a few months down the road because the shape change of the gums and jaw bone causes the denture not to fit anymore. Aside from this, it will take several weeks just to make a denture between try-ins and shipping back and forth to the lab.
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William F. Scott IV, DMD
The more you wait, the better the result of your dentures. Usually, the healing after extractions will take 4-6 weeks, but it is better to wait a little more to take the impressions, so 8 weeks after extractions is good and then take the impressions.
Generally dentures would be placed once the teeth have been extracted.

Thanks for your inquiry. In most cases, we can provide an immediate denture in the same day after having the hopeless teeth extracted. Having said that, you can walk out of the office with your dentures.


Dr. K. Milani D.D.S.
An immediate denture is immediate. Teeth out - denture in. There is some adjustments likely as architecture of bone and mouth modify over a few months but there is no time that a patient has to be without a prosthesis.
You should consider first getting an immediate denture and replace it 6 months later after all the healing and tissue shrinkage is completed.
You can have your denture made before you pull your teeth and have it immediately delivered after extracting your teeth.
At our office we make an immediate denture before the teeth are pulled. Once delivered it takes 3 to 6 months for gums to heal. Then we either make a new set or reline the existing denture to make it fit better .
You can get an immediate denture the same day the teeth are pulled, but usually those will need to be relined after 6 months.
You can have (and should have) dentures fabricated prior to extractions and delivered immediately after teeth are removed. These dentures can then be relined or remade in the months following for a better fit. You should also consider implant supported or retained dentures, these approximate the function of teeth much better then conventional dentures,
Between immediately and a few months depending on the conditions in the bone
It depends on how you heal before you have the impressions taken. Rinsing several times daily with warm salt water does wonders for your mouth tissues.
To whom it may concern:

Generally, with proper planning teeth can be put in your mouth the day of surgery. They usually are not the permanent final product, but are meant to help you function and transition as you heal. Depending on the nature of the tooth removal surgery, while the soft tissue heals relatively quickly, the underlying bone does not reach a final healed state for about 4 to 6
months. Your dentist and /or surgeon are best positioned to help guide you through your particular needs.


Dr Barton Foutz
It depends. Sometimes we can do “immediate dentures” where teeth are taken out and the dentures are placed at that same appointment. Sometimes we need to wait several weeks to months for healing.
Dentures can be delivered the day your teeth are extracted. These are called "Immediate Dentures".
That depends on the type of denture; their are 2 types of dentures immediate and the conventional dentures. With the immediate dentures once the teeth are extracted the denture is immediately inserted. With conventional dentures a waiting period of about 8 weeks after the extractions to start fabricating the dentures to give the bone and tissue to heal and remodel
Immediate dentures can be made and placed the same day as extractions.