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How long does ovulation lasts?

I'm thinking about having a child soon, but I'm trying to figure out when I'm most fertile. How long is this fertile period, and on what day am I most fertile?

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Ovulation is a single event, normally on day 14 of one's cycle (maybe day 12-16) in a regular cycle. Your best day of fertility is on that day of ovulation through 24-48 hrs.
Ovulation occurs between 12-16 days of the periods (most fertile period). Lasting time of ovulation is 24 hours.
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if your cycles are regular, you ovulate every month. If your cycles are 28 to 30 days apart typically you ovulate day 14 to day 16. The most fertile days around ovulation. Typically you want to have intercourse every other day around this time. your chances of getting pregnant every month or only 20%. But that will increase your chances of achieving pregnancy.

Doug Young, MD
Woman usually ovulate 14 days before their next cycle. So if your cycle generally is 30 days, you would ovulate on day 16 of your cycle where day1 is the first day of your menses. You are fertile 2 days before ovulation and 2days after.
The eggs stay alive for 48 hours. The fertile period is from the 10 to16 days counting from the first day of the period.
Egg must be fertilized within 24 hours of ovulation.