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How long should your teeth hurt after a filling?

I am a 23 year old female. I had a filling 3 days ago and it still hurts. How long should your teeth hurt after a filling?

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if it hurts when you bite down, it means that it needs adjustment, if the filling is too close to the nerve and you have lingering pain the tooth may need root canal therapy. Usually for deeper fillings, the first 2 days after the filling is done having sensitivity is normal. Have your dentist check it out.
Should not hurt at all

Sometimes it can take a few days to weeks if it was deep. Try some Sensodyne toothpaste around it and stay away from real cold and hot drinks for a while. If it doesn't resolve, your bite might be off for the filling might be high so go back to your dentist and have him or her reevaluate it. 
Every filling is different. Some hurt never. Some are sensitive for various amounts of time.
I hope the pain has diminished or lessened. It is not unusual for a tooth to have sensitivity, and is not necessarily an indication that a root canal (Endodontic) treatment is needed. Taking Advil is usually a first recommendation. Up to a week or two of discomfort frequently can still end up with all discomfort going away and the tooth being OK.

Dr. Trachtenberg
A filling pain should reduce by the second week. If pain continues you may need a bite adjustment or need further treatment such as a root canal. Please follow up with your dentist.
It depends what type, how big, and how deep. A small filling, just a few days.