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How many dental implants can you have?

I have 5 missing teeth in my mouth and I want to replace them with implants. How many dental implants can I have at once?

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A patient can have up to 8 to 10 implants per arch if needed. If all teeth are missing. And this can be done all at once
Probably 3
It all depends where you are missing teeth. We can do a lot of amazing things with implants. For instance, we can do full dentures on 3 to 4 implants. Implants are expensive, but I would get them if I was missing any teeth as they tend to be less trouble once they are in and stable. One note is, do not go cheap with them. Find someone to place them who is using the Nobel Biocare system, it is the best out there in my opinion.

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That depends on if you can afford more than one, the density of the bone where they will be placed, your overall health, etc. 
If the bone and other conditions are suitable, there is no set limit on how many implants you can have placed in one visit.
Although it depends on one’s overall health and surgical risk, many patients can have multiple implants completed in a single procedure.
It is possible to replace an entire dentition with implants if needed. However, you can usually use 2 implants for every 3-4 teeth that require replacement. To replace 5 teeth in a row, we may use three implants. To replace 5 teeth in different spots you would need 5 individual implants.