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How many visits does a root canal take?

I'm 28 years old, and I need to have a root canal soon but I never had one before. How many dental visits would I need for a root canal?

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One or two visits is typical for a root canal. If you're seeing a specialist, you will need to return to your regular dentist for a filling or crown afterward, however. Usually, your dentist will let you know how many visits it will need once he's done the examination.
It depends on your tooth. If it was infected and treated, your dentist may want to wait to see if your tooth has settled down before final filling.
When a tooth has root canal treatment, you care for it like your regular teeth. Floss and brush it, along with your other teeth. Some root canals takes two visits. Others may take more. Your doctor will decide how many you need.
A root canal can usually be completed in one or two visits.
Depends on the tooth and the infection and if there are any complications. Usually in one is ideal if that can be achieved.
Usually nowadays a root canal treatment can be performed in one appointment. It will vary depending on the current condition of the tooth and your health. Sometimes when the infection is severe, a medication is placed inside the root and you return for a second or even a third appointment until the infection is under control or stable for your dentist to finalize the treatment. Usually in this case an antibiotic is given to take as well.
The number of visits would depend on which tooth is being treated, its condition, and if a root canal specialist is doing it for you.
The Root Canal Therapy can take 1 or 2 visits. Typically the tooth will require a crown as a final restoration which will require 2 more visits.
Depending on the complexity of the canal system within the tooth and the severity of the infection, it typically takes 1-3 appointments. Then you will need to have a crown placed on the tooth to prevent fracture and replace the lost tooth structure which typically requires 1-2 appointments depending on if your dentist can mill the crown in office the same day.

Eric Buck, DDS
It’s generally a single visit.