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In a month, how often can I go on a detox diet?

I just did a one day fasting diet and it helped me feel much lighter. In a month, how often should I go on a detox diet?

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I would recommend your diet be a "detox" diet daily, ongoing. This would of course be qualified by what you consider a detox diet. I would classify a "detox" diet as one that is functional, doesn't do harm, supports elimination pathways and liver function, enriches the microbiome, maximizes digestive capacity, and protects the gut lining and mucosal layers.
Detox diets should be done seasonally. There is no need to do them once monthly. It would be good to work up to a 1-3 days fasts monthly with regular intermittent fasting. This improves metabolic flexibility, insulin sensitivity and glucose regulation.
Hello, there are many detox programs out there so I’m not sure which one you’re talking about specifically, or if you mean you want to try a different one.
However, generally speaking, most detox programs are not intended to be done monthly as detoxing (purging toxins) too much in a short time or too fast can lead to symptoms like headache, brain fog, fatigue, rash etc. Sometimes if you’re working with a doctor for a specific health goal/illness they may recommend a simple, modified monthly detox tailored to your needs.
Eating a clean, healthy diet everyday is always highly recommended to lower the level of toxins you take in every day, regardless of how often you detox.
You can do it once per month
Everyone is different. Some people can "detox" for 1 day or 1 month. Please see a professional to see what's right for you and to give you better guidance
Find a skillful naturopathic doctor.
There are various ways to do this. You can fast one day each week or 2 days each week. You can fast one week on and one week off. it depends on how you feel. If you received benefits in just one day then picking 1-2 days per week to fast may suit you best. regards carolyn
How often one can detox in a month is based on the individual and their health status. There is no rule to say how often someone can detox. The best way to find out how many times you as an individual can safely detox would be to see your physician or other healthcare practitioner who knows you health history to better guide you.
One day a week is perfectly safe. Most should do a 3-5 day fast every quarter.

Lori Dubetz
Depends on the need. Usually, every 3 to 6 months. Best diet in the world is:
Fasting and detox are not the same thing, but detox? As much as you like. Just keep in mind that detox includes the good and bad things within your bodily system.