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How often do I need a dental cleaning?

I'm 22 years old, and I probably go to the dentist at least once a year. I usually just go when I feel like I need to do. Should I be going more often?

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For some, once a year is enough. If you have a few or now fillings, you may be in that category. I would not recommend going longer than that; you need to have your teeth cleaned to help keep the gums healthy as well.
Every six months is recommended for a dental check and cleaning.
Yes! Once a year is what we recommend for an exam but most people should get them cleaned, at least, two times per year.
Yes, it is recommended to have your teeth checked and cleaned at least every 6 months to maintain good oral and overall health
Yes dear, minimum twice a year every 6 month
Every 6 months
Twice a year, if you have a healthy mouth.
Yes twice a year.
Congrats on taking the bull by the horns at this age. So many of your cohorts do not attend the dentist regularly in any capacity. To answer your question, yes, you should go twice a year. Go before you feel problems arise and definitely go if you feel something is “off.”
You need to get your cleaning every 6 months to keep your gums and teeth healthy. We all love food and it's essential to keep our teeth and gums healthy if we want to keep enjoying our food. Every 6 months is recommended because it helps us remove the tartar (calculus) that builds up. Also, within the 6 months, if any cavities develop, they’re diagnosed and treated at an early stage. Always remember, “prevention is better than cure.”
This differs from person to person but 6 months is the average time we recommend that people come in for cleanings. 1 year for exams.
The American Dental Association (ADA) and most dentists will recommend you have your teeth cleaned at least twice per year. This is to ensure plaque build up does not occur as well as catch any problems, such as tooth decay, early! Also, since most people do not frequent their doctor for routine physicals, this is a chance to check your blood pressure and a few other health issues that can be caught at a dental appointment. I believe in whole health dentistry and the mouth is the gateway to the body!
The average patient should have a cleaning every six months. The interval varies depending on the individual’s ability to perform oral hygiene with brushing and flossing daily. If the goal is to minimize the amount of dentistry you will need throughout your life, you certainly can’t go wrong with cleaning appointments and thorough exams every 6 months.

Jay Sher, DDS
Every six months at least.
Prevention is the key to healthy teeth and gums. If you want to keep your teeth a lifetime, then seek out preventive check ups every six months.