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How often should I change a dental crown?

I am a 39 year old female and I have a dental crown. How often should I change a dental crown?

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If your dental crown is in good condition, a good quality dental work by your dentist, your gums are maintained healthily, with your good home work and regular professional cleanings and check-ups, your crown could last the rest of your life, 10, 20, 30 years...
There is not predetermined lifespan for crowns. They should be replaced if there’s a gap between tooth and crown or if the crown has been compromised too much. As part of your routine exams, your dentists will look for signs of crowns failing and will alert you to replace them.
Great question! Crowns should not be replaced solely as a function of time. With proper home and professional care, crowns can last for an indefinite time frame. At times, the tooth colored material on a crown can fracture necessitating the crown’s replacement. The most common reason for a crown replacement, however, is the appearance of additional decay at the margin of the crown and the remaining tooth structure. The use of a prescription strength topical fluoride and proper brushing can prevent this from happening. It is not uncommon for crowns to last 20 years or more. Routine dental examinations with your general dentist will prove to be your best to evaluate your existing crown and to determine if and when it requires replacement.

Dr. Matranga
If you have been taking care of your crown and there are no problems, your crown can last for years. For insurance purposes, they may pay for a crown every 5 years.
A dental crown is a permanent treatment and does not require changing unless there is defect to and decay within the crown.