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How often should I do scaling?

I am a 22 year old male. I want to know how often should you do scaling?

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It depends on your periodontal health (gum/bone health) - if you have minimal pocketing (depth of gum crevices) like 3-4 mm, then you would typically need a 6-month scaling; however, if you have deeper sulcus depths, like 4-6mm, then you might need 3-month scaling, which your hygienist/dentist can tell you.
Every 3-4 months.
Scaling and root planing is a procedure utilized in the presence of periodontal pockets and/or large amount of tartar under the gums.Your health care provider determines how often you will need this procedure.
You have to have indications for scaling; unless you have periodontal issues, you don’t need it.
Generally if you visit your Dental office every 6 months you shouldn’t require scaling and root planing; this is reserved for excessive tarter and stain on teeth.