Massage Therapist Questions Fibromyalgia

How often should one get massage therapy?

I get massage therapy at least once a month to relax, and I find that it really helps my fibromyalgia. I'd like to go to more sessions. How often do you think one should get massage therapy for fibromyalgia?

4 Answers

As often as needed. More if you body is under more stress or strains or in more discomfort. Less if you’re feeling good. 1-2 times a month is a great amount to settle into though.
Good Question. I always suggest what can you afford the time and money-wise. Most clients go once or twice a month. Every week would be great if you have the time and funds to do so. If you are there for more than needing a massage for relaxation, then go more often until you are feeling better. Once or twice a month.
If you're getting a light to medium massage there's no reason you can't get one every week. I'm glad it makes you feel better!
Depending on the severity of the pain once or twice a week is good. There isn't a set amount of how many times one should get a massage. Just try it out and see how it feels