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How safe are dental x-rays?

I have dental x-rays at least once a year, before cleanings; for dental work; for gum and periodontal work, etc. How safe are dental x-rays, really?

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Dental X-rays are very safe. Current digital X-rays have radiation dosages between 20% and 40% of older film versions, which were still very safe. Regular dental X-rays are a good way to catch dental issues early, when the treatment can be more conservative and less costly.
Dental X-rays are measured pacifically in exposure and number of milliseconds duration. These degrees and the actual periods of incidence that the wavelength produces the image make dental X-rays virtually big man in comparison to a walk in the sunshine. And addition protective lead aprons are used for the patients benefit to control scatter radiation in a lead-lined room
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Dental X-rays are very safe. With new technologies, Digital X-rays and proper radiation protection equipment, radiation exposure is much less. Dental X-rays are very small - so much less exposure than medical X-rays.
Your dental professional will see the frequency needed for your specific conditions. In my office, we have full-mouth X-rays every 3 years and smaller Bitewing X-rays every year.
You would be surprised how many cavities you would see on X-rays which you/your dentist could have never seen without X-rays. It will save you lots of time, money, and effort in the long run.

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