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How serious is geriatric depression?

My mother was diagnosed with geriatric depression. Is this a phase? How serious is geriatric depression?

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Older adults are susceptible to depression as well and it is not a phase. This is a serious condition , that when left untreated can have a significant impact on and older adults quality of life. The good news is that elderly respond equally as well to treatment of depression. Theresa M. Redling, DO, FACP Chief, Geriatric Health and Disease Management Medical Director Maida Geriatric Institute at Cooper Barnabas Medical Center Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine Rutgers New Jersey Medical School Office 973-322-7636 Fax 973-322-7673
If the diagnosis is accurate, yes, depression in later life can contribute to medical, cognitive, and other problems, including suicide, particularly in older white males.
Depression in elderly individuals is common. However there is a strong association with Parkinson's disease & dementia. Every individual needs to be assessed for these conditions.