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How should one raise a child with ADHD?

My friend's daughter has been diagnosed with ADHD, and I can tell that she's having trouble raising her. She always had though. What's the best way to raise a child with ADHD?

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Set up a daily routine for her so that her life is well organized. Be consistent and persistent on discipline. Use either a smart phone or a day organizer planner to remind her regarding her homework, extra-curricular activity or even daily routine. Keep an open communication with her teachers frequently. Join an ADHD support group appropriate for her age. Consult a child psychologist for behavior management. A pediatrician or a neurologist or psychologist will be able to help too.
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The best way is with patience and understanding. The entire family needs to go to counseling to let the child know that you are supportive and concerned about their well being. The child can also benefit from tutorial services to help with subjects they are struggling with. They also need to have a structured environment with repetitive routines to help them remember things. She can also make a check list for the child.
You have to be more tolerant of hyperactivity and forgetfulness. Try to tell them to only do one thing at a time. Reward good behavior. Make sure you have their attention before telling them what to do. Help organize their work and have short tasks to finish before starting others.