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How soon after getting dentures can you drink alcohol?

I am a 65-year-old male. I want to know how soon after getting dentures can you drink alcohol?

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Sometimes a patient has several extractions done when a new denture is inserted. In that case, I recommend waiting at least 2 days afterward before drinking alcohol when extractions are done.
Oh boy. Alcohol can irritate healing gums, cause pain and increase bleeding. It is recommended that you halt alcohol consumption during the healing process especially if you are taking pain medications. Alcohol should never be consumed while taking pain medication.
If it is simply the delivery of dentures, you can eat and drink when you want. If you had extractions and then an immedate delivery of dentures, you have likely been placed on some medication that you should be careful with your intake of alcohol. If you are on any medications, your pharmacist can help you with any risks.

Hope this helps,

Jossi Stokes, DDS
Dear Reader,

If you got dentures and had no teeth removed at the time, you can drink alcohol right away. If you had teeth removed, I would wait 24-36 hours for initial healing of your extraction sites.  
Hope this helps.

Steven Chamish, DDS
You can drink as soon as you get home or to a bar!