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How to handle wisdom tooth pain?

I am a 23-year-old male who is getting his wisdom teeth removed next week. The pain is almost unbearable. How to handle wisdom tooth pain?

2 Answers

My first suggestion is to contact your treating surgeon (dentist/oral surgeon) and discuss the problem with him/her. Warm salt water rinses help. Swishing with and spitting alcohol free listerine can help. If you are able to, take ibuprofen 600mg no more than every six hours is the best pain medication for that type of pain. If you need more relief, then taking acetaminophen (if you can take it) as directed on the bottle with the ibuprofen or in between doses can also help.
Follow the post extraction protocol as prescribed by your dentist or oral surgeon on how to take care of the extraction site and what pain medications will be best to take to reduce the pain level.
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