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How should I mentally prepare myself for surgery?

I am due for surgery for the first time and I am extremely scared and worried. I've never been put under before. What should I do to mentally prepare myself?

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Good question. What is the surgery for? If it is for something that is interfering with your day to day life (example, tumor, cancerous or otherwise, infection or abscess, hernia etc), then LOOK FORWARD to the operation with POSITIVE HEALING THOUGHTS. Remember, EVERYTHING starts with a thought. Thoughts are vibrations and have frequencies. When you have positive vibrations, then healing hormones will be secreted by the body and you will have no problem. Try not to be SCARED as this is a negative vibration. It is a good idea to spend a few minutes with mindful meditation for healing. I find that YouTube is an excellent source for this.
Try to relax as much as possible. If you have questions or concerns, write them down and ask all of the questions before surgery. This way you can relax with reasonable expectations. Try to keep a normal and healthy day before surgery. It is important to have good nutrition in order to heal properly. If you take medications be sure to ask which ones you can take and should not take before surgery. Make sure you know how long you may be in pain, when you can return to work, and if you will have restrictions. Overall, try to hv all expectations discussions and mentally relaxed as much as possible.
Do not worry, nowadays to go under anesthesia is completely safe. You would need to have a preoperative evaluation by a Cardiologist if your Surgeon feels you need it.
It is not unusual to be intimidated by the thought of being put under. General anesthesia is extremely safe and before you know it, it will be over and in most circumstances people don’t even remember the event. I know it’s easier said then done but try not to think too much about it . Have your family around to alleviate the stress.
You may be more scared about the General Anaesthetic than you are about the actual surgery. In any case the Anaesthetist will spend time with you before surgery and reassure you that all should be well
Today all is so safe, simple and easy to take. You are in good hands and all will be well..
Make sure that you discuss everything with your surgeon s that you understand the surgery and the process. Also ask to speak with your anesthesiologist if you can. This may ease your worry.
This concern is very common, particularly with patients who have never had surgery. It should be comforting that thousands of people have surgery every day with no anesthesia complications.
To need surgery, it means you have a problem that has to be fixed. Just keep positive and go ahead to fix your problem.

Best of luck.
Surgeons perform surgeries routinely, but patients should never feel like surgery is routine. All surgery, even procedures considered minor, should be considered a big deal. Know that your team of care providers have all received years of education and training. Make sure the physicians and hospital have all the appropriate credentialing to be able to provide care to you safely.

Anesthesia these days is extremely safe. I would not be concerned about anesthesia. if I had to be put to sleep or if any of my family members would be put to sleep.

Know that surgery is never pain-free. The key is to identify an appropriate pain level that you will be able to tolerate. If your pain level is 0 and you are taking a lot of narcotics, you are probably taking too many and are at risk for an overdose. Pain is only temporary and it gets better over time.