Naturopathic Physician Questions Detoxification

How should I prepare my body for a naturopathy detox?

I plan to undergo a naturopathy detox treatment. How should I prepare myself?

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Plan ahead, meal prep, and have a discussion with your spouse/partner, family, friends, and whoever you consider a part of your support system. The hardest part is sticking to it so it helps to have people who can help keep you accountable.

*Dr. Krisel Nagallo, NMD*
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Consult with your naturopathic doctor, since our detox is supervised, for VEX reactions. I do not recommend, you doing it blindly on your own.

Good afternoon, I recommend you start by selecting non-industrial foods, leaving carbonated drinks, drinking water regularly and trying to include foods with good fiber quality, to promote elimination, do not skip any food and sleep 8 hours
Find a skillful naturopathic doctor.
My advice to you is look at your lifestyle on where are you getting these toxins. You have to take the toxins away, you need to detox, but plan that you do not keep on getting them again. Again - prevention is better than cure.
If you are eating a great proportion of processed foods you would first change these over to fresh and whole foods such as vegetables, nuts, fruit, beans and lentils (not in a can). If you aren't vegetarian you would gradually eliminate red meat, opting for organic chicken and wild caught fish. Vegetable juicing is also a great way to detox, including a cup of greens such as kale or spinach, a red apple, a carrot, ginger and garlic. Begin your morning with a squeezed lemon in a glass of hot water. Drink 8 - 10 glasses of filtered water per day to support healthy kidney function and detoxification. To support healthy liver and circulatory detoxification 1 - 2 cups of Dandelion tea per day.
There are many types of detox so it is hard to answer this question. Detoxing the body can mean adding supplements for the liver where toxins and hormones are broken down or it could mean cleaning and detoxing the gastrointestinal track. Mostly likely a detox includes eating a clean diet free of sugar, processed and refined carbohydrates and focusing on a plant based diet high in green vegetables, avoiding common allergens like gluten and dairy and a low animal protein intake. Just eating a clean diet can be detoxifying. For the basics eat a clean diet, drink plenty of water, sweat and how regular BMs to eliminate waste products regularly. Having a state of mind to clear all that does not serve you, unplugging from your computer and having quiet time could also be a nice adjunct for detoxing.