Family Practitioner Questions Diabetes

How often should my husband get his blood sugar levels checked?

My husband has recently been diagnosed with diabetes, and as of right now he is not accepting the diagnosis well. How often should his blood sugar levels be checked?

3 Answers

His primary care provider should have recommended a frequency of blood glucose checks at the time of his diagnosis. The answer depends on his type of diabetes, severity and medication prescribed for his diabetes. I''m guessing your husband is not on insulin since he would have been given detailed patient education if this were the case. Newly diagnosed Type 2 diabetics are typically given a plan that recommends blood glucose monitoring or the PCP is planning on checking your husband's HA1C at regular intervals. HA1C is a blood test that gives us an average blood glucose level for the past three months. Without knowing the severity of your husband's diabetes or the medication he is supposed to take for it, makes it hard to give you an answer. I would contact your PCP and ask.
He should check it daily.
Depends if what kind of medications he is taking
He could check his home sugar one or twice a day
There is also some device that can track his sugar all day