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I am having severe itching in my vagina. Could it be a UTI?

I have off late been experiencing intense itching around my vagina along with a burning sensation when i pee. I am very cautious when it comes to hygiene however now i am wondering whether it could be a sign of a UTI? What are the first few symptoms to detect UTI in a person?

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Frequent urination and sensation of burning. Have a urinalysis.
Intense itching around the vagina is not a common symptom of a UTI. The most common cause of that type of itching would be a yeast infection. But it could also be a sign of another type of vaginal infection such as bacterial vaginosis or trichomonas. The first few symptoms of a UTI are burning when you pee (which you are having) and peeing more frequently than usual. Sometime there can be a change in the urine (pee) color - bloody or really dark. It may also have an unusual odor. There may also be a feeling that you still have to pee even when you just finished. Hope this is helpful. The best way to know what is going on is to have an exam and a urinalysis/urine culture or vaginal swab to check for vaginal infection.
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A burning sensation of the labia when you void is more likely a sign of irritation caused by a yeast infection. An itching sensation can also been caused by HPV. Symptoms of a UTI attachment usually dysuria (pain with voiding), frequency of urination, and burning of the urethra with urination. 
Depending upon your age and sexual activity, severe vaginal itching could be an infection, either yeast or bacterial, an STD, atrophic vaginitis due to estrogen deficiency or a UTI. The burning can occur with UTI'S but they are usually accompanied by other symptoms such as burning on urination, frequency and urgency of urination, etc. A urinalysis with culture will confirm or refute this diagnosis. A visual examination by your GYN would also be helpful if the culture is negative, to rule out other non infectious causes or if you don't improve with treatment. If you are menopausal, vaginal hormone therapy can work wonders.

John B Monaco, MD
This is more likely a sign of inflammation of the vulva/vagina possibly due to infection. A bladder infection would likely be associated with pelvic discomfort, frequent urination with burning sensation during urination.
Could be something you are using in your hygiene regimen or even certain soaps, use of products during bathing, etc. Depending on your age, it could also be related to menopausal symptoms and need for increased vulvovaginal moisturization etc.
Yes, it maybe a UTI, but more likely a yeast infection. Consider trying an over-the-counter vaginal anti-fungal medication first. If no improvement, please see your gynaecologist or family doctor.

Not everything that itches is a yeast infection. Could be a dermatitis and when you urinate, the burning could be from small cuts caused by scratching. Please go see your gyn or primary care for evaluation.
Can be yeast infection.
UTI manifests as burning when you pee, pain in your lower abdomen, maybe bad smelling urine or even blood in the urine or a strange urine color. A vaginal yeast manifests with intense itching and also burning when you pee, a white cheese discharge. It sounds like you might have a yeast infection.