Interventional Radiologist Questions Liver Cancer

Can liver cancer be treated by an interventional radiologist?

Can an interventional radiologist help in treating liver cancer or do you just see an oncologist?

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Sometimes interventional radiologist can inject chemo/radiation therapy through the arteries to help delay or stop spread and significantly prolong long life
Hello, I am presuming that your question refers to hepatocellular cancer. The liver is one of the most common organs to develop metastases and therefore it is important that a biopsy be done to confirm the diagnosis. The treatment possibilities for hepatocellular cancer are varied. The guidelines published by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network ( suggest that the possibility of resection (surgical removal of the tumor) is preferable. Other options include ablation (instillation of chemotherapy by intra-arterial or intravenous administration), or external beam radiation are possible. It is important that a specialist in this type of cancer be consulted for an opinion. Good luck. If the biopsy reveals another type of cancer the recommendations are likely to change.
Some may be in conjunction with oncologist
Yes IR can provide intraarterial chemo Embolization Bland Embolization and Radio Brachytherapy mainly for primary liver cancer but some time for metastasis as well. We often combine the arterial based therapy with direct per cutaneous ablation using heat like radio frequency ablation and microwave ablation especially for smaller lesions
International radiologists usually do not treat the malignancies they find. The burden usually falls on Medical Oncology for most organ sites. However, there may be a place for Radiation Oncology. However, the patient needs to be seen by Oncology.
Occasionally an interventional radiologist can assist in chemo delivery but the medical oncologist is the one who determines if you are a candidate for that therapy.
Yes IR can treat certain types of liver cancers either with chemotherapy given through artery cutting off blood supply, giving radiation treatment, and/or freezing or burning the tumor. The first step is to see an oncologist who can determine if your type of tumor meets that criteria for IR treatment. Traditionally it had been for liver cancers that started in liver and now we can treat cancers that have traveled to liver (metastatic cancers)