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Is a dental bridge permanent?

I am a 45 year old male and I will get a dental bridge. Is a dental bridge permanent?

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It depends on what you mean. You can still get a cavity with the teeth holding onto the bridge. Then it will need to be replaced for that reason or others. But if you mean if you have to worry about removing and replacing every day, no you don't. It is glued in.
Supposed to be permanent, but you have also temporary bridges.
If it is a fixed bridge it can be permanent
If by permanent, you mean long-lasting, then yes. If you mean forever, then no. A bridge is intended to replace one or more missing teeth and is cemented onto supporting teeth on either side of the missing ones. It is not removable like a denture and feels like your natural teeth. However, over time a bridge can come loose and need to be re-cemented. Other bad outcomes can include decay under the crowns of the supporting teeth if you do not keep them clean down by the gum line (use floss daily). On rare occasions, a bridge can break. In my experience, a bridge will last 10 years or more if well maintained. 

Yes, the bridge is permanent in the sense that you or the dentist can not take it out so easily (usually needs to be cut out). It is also permanent in the sense that with proper care it should last for decades. The cement might give way after about 10-15 years, but a dentist should be able to cement it back in for you for even longer. However, in dental school they try to teach you not to say permanent because nothing we do in dentistry lasts longer than what god gave you, or what you were born with. This is actually a good thing though, if it were, we would recommend that everyone get bridges then. You can still get cavities around the edges of the bridge, so it still requires care.
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William F. Scott IV, DMD