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Is a spin brush better or a manual toothbrush?

I am a 17 year old female who wants to get a new toothbrush. Is a spin brush better or a manual toothbrush?

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Yes, it is as long as you use it properly.
Both have their own merits, but we do highly recommend electronic brushes like Sonicare.
They do a good job in cleaning your teeth and breaking down plaque and also massage your gums and are better in preventing any periodontal diseases.

Hope this helps
The research shows that the Sonicare toothbrush is 5 times better (500% better) that a Spin or Hand Held TB. It is the best 50 dollars you can spend on your oral health, and if you need to skip a cleaning to purchase the brush, do it.
You can get the same results with either. It is really just personal preference
Dr. Price
This is a question about preference. As long as a patient is able to clean all surfaces of the teeth well and thoroughly, either option works. Nowadays, patients like the electric brush because it does a lot of the work for the patient and helps for patients with manual dexterity issues.

Most studies show that most powered tooth brushes are not more effective then a manual tooth brush. That being said, the only one that was more effective is one that rotates/oscillates. I believe the spin brush fits this description. However, the difference in effectiveness was also shown to be insignificant.
Good luck with your tooth brush shopping!
I favor manual toothbrush. Electric toothbrush can cause gum recession and be too aggressive.