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Is a wire change needed on a monthly basis?

The dentist who manages my braces doesn't do a wire change and only does a rubber change on my monthly braces. Is a wire change needed on a monthly basis?

Male | 18 years old
Conditions: Braces

7 Answers

You have to ask your orthodontist.
One single wire can be on the mouth for long period of the time and yes only require elastics changes.
Wire change is not necessary on a monthly basis.
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It’s not! The Ortho wires of today are very different than the ones your parents may have has. Many of them are now bent by computers, and or subtle changes and bends last for many months. The elastics and power chains wear out more rapidly!
No it does not need the change every month, each case is different and all depends on the teeth movement.
This is completely dependent on your Dr. and the specific plan on tooth movement, so no, a wire change is not mandatory every month.
Not necessarily. Today's metalurgy allows wires to keep their activity and memory for a long time. The elastomeres need to be changed because they wear out and no longer engage the wire tightly enough into the bracket to produce the desired effect.