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Is chiropractic neck manipulation safe?

I am a 29 year old male and I am thinking about getting my neck cracked. I heard a friend say it works wonders for his pain. Is chiropractic neck manipulation safe?

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It is extremely safe. Even though there are risks in anything, injury from a chiropractic adjustment is rare compared to the amount of adjustments that take place in the world.
Chiropractic manipulation is extremely safe. The best indicator of this is our malpractice rates - they are among the lowest in healthcare!
Yes, it's safe. In fact, if you look at it from an insurance standpoint, our malpractice insurance is very low, like 1800 a year to see 5000 appointments. Opposed to being put under for surgery would be 10-30k per month.
Typically, very safe. Just find the right Chiro. Ask friends for referrals since many people do see Chiropractors.

Good question, chiropractic is safe for cervical adjustments; there are specific positions to place an individual in to correct an imbalance of the cervical spine. An evaluation and history will determine the type of care and treatment options to resolve your discomfort.

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Dr. Churchill
Chiropractic manipulation of the neck is completely safe when performed appropriately. A complete examination of the neck should be performed by the physician prior to manipulation to make sure there are no risks to the procedure. This is common practice. Manipulation to the cervical spine is very effective treatment for neck pain and stiffness.
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Dr. Eric Miller
A resounding yes! As long as proper case history and exam preceded your neck adjustment.

Dr. Jim
Manual manipulation, much of the time, is very safe and effective for pain. It is not safe when an untrained doctor or other professional, friend or you pull, tug or twist the neck. There are many individuals who claim they know what they are doing when they offer to manipulate your spine. The only profession trained in this way are chiropractors. The amount of years it takes for academic education and ongoing continuing education is why you should only allow a Chiropractor to evaluate your specific condition to determine if it is safe and/or advisable.

As a specifically trained upper cervical doctor, I've seen and heard stories of nurses, physical therapists, massage therapists and other types of "body" workers doing manipulations of the head and neck only to have them coming in with dizzyness, vision disturbances, migraines, facial pain, or other radiating symptoms after such experiences.

Make sure you ask specifically if the professional you're allowing to address your head or neck condition is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic.
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Manipulation of the cervical spine is safe if there are no underlying problems. This can be determined by an examination and x-rays to see if an adjustment is right and safe for you. Thank you for the inquiry
Dr John Winn
Yes it is very safe. If you have any concerns about the neck adjustment, be sure to discuss them with your Chiropractor at the 1st visit.